Skating Lesson

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ― Thomas Jefferson

On Sunday, I took my son ice skating for the first time. His eyes were on the ice as I laced up his skates and his whole face was practically glowing with anticipation. He patiently waited for me to get my skates on and we stepped out onto the ice. You can guess what happened next. He fell. I helped him up and offered advice. He fell again. And again. The poor kid couldn’t go more than a few feet without falling!

Of course he became frustrated. At that point we had to step off the ice to collect ourselves. But then an amazing thing happened. He would sit down on the bench and literally 2 seconds later would hop up and say, “Okay, let’s go!”. This five-year-old boy went out and tried something new and he failed over and over. And then he kept on trying. I felt so proud of him for not giving up.

I can never get over how amazing having a child is. They are a source of unadulterated enthusiasm and love and, of course, frustration. Everything they feel is instantly telegraphed to their face and they aren’t afraid to say what they think, even if it is embarrassing to the parental unit present. But living vicariously through his experiences has shown me that I deserve to be happy with what I do as well. After all, I don’t want him to grow up thinking he can’t be an astronaut or  singer or <insert whimsical career here>. He CAN, if he wants it enough. I want to shout at him not to listen to the voice of reason. The “Voice” could be in your head or it could be a friend/family member or a member of society that tells you it’s pointless or silly or not respectable.


I want him to grow up with a respect for other people and the world we live in. Hopefully he will be able to take ownership of his actions and what happens because of them. The rest is up to him.

Also, I’d prefer he not rob banks or play professional football. Both are rather dangerous, though the pay is good.

Ice Skating - You're doing it right

Ice Skating – You’re doing it right


Thanks for reading blog #2! A funny thing happened after I wrote my first post. I felt lighter. It was as if writing down my worries and fears has freed me of them, to some degree. I’m looking forward to this year with optimism and excitement. Who knows what will happen? (I bet it’s something awesome)

  • Guess where I’m going? The World Domination Summit in Portland, OR on July 5-7th! It’s a financial stretch (hell, a cup of coffee is a financial stretch these days) but I felt that the exposure to so many… oh, what’s the word I’m looking for… electric personalities will inspire.
  • I found some inspiration close to home… I have a cousin that blogs! I found her post on being true to yourself in your writing particularly powerful. She post a lot of pictures and some fashion stuff. Check her out: From Awkward to Art
  • For a long time Dropbox has been my online source for storage, but you only get 2GB with the free account. Just today Mega entered the cloud storage playing field. The free account has 50GB! And there’s some cool encrypting that ensures complete privacy for your file sharing.
  • Zen Pencils has been a happy place on the internet for me for some time now. I like art/comics, I like quotes. One of the more recent pieces is derived from a quote by Alan Watts about doing work that you love and are passionate about. Forget the money.  Seriously, read it now. It’s worth the minute.
  • See you next week!

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  1. Liz Rivers

    Sarah!!! Again an amazing post… I love the way you pour your heart into the post and are so honest about things… I feel happy to know that you and your son both have each other to inspire and hold. Take care darling and keep posting..

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